Who writes the posts

April 30th, 2003 , 16:48

The last pre-trip update!

First, it has been pointed out to me that I need to state that although Joe’s name is on the reports, it is me that actually writes them. Not that it makes loads of difference as he tells me what he’d like me to write and the entry is approved by him before publishing.

Second, we can both now be reached on my web address: kwilliamsatpostmaster.co.uk
Please don’t use other e-mail addresses as we won’t be checking those til we get back in June.

Third, a blatant advert for Karrimore and YHA in London. The rucksack didn’t get out to be mended until late last week so it isn’t done. However, they have loaned us a 65l rucksack for the trip – with the condition that we take a picture of it in a crocodile’s mouth. So now we have to find a crocodile somewhere along the Trans-Mongolian railway! Not only have they loaned us a rucksack, free of charge, because Joe’s isn’t done, when they learned I had a list of stuff to get they asked for the list and ran about the shop getting the stuff for us. If they didn’t have it, they told us where we could get it and gave us directions! Excellent service.

And an advert for the Japan Centre in London. Went in today to get our flight tickets and Japan Rail pass. While the assitant organised our tickets I mentioned to Joe that we should ask him what not to miss in Japan. So he organises our tickets, gets our air tickets, sells us two Japan passes, then gets up and brings us a huge stack of information! Most of which we can’t take because it’s just too heavy; however, there are two excellent booklets with information that will definitely come in handy and several really nice maps. So we’re now set for Japan.

So up early tomorrow morning (very early). We’ll change in Brussels and Cologne tomorrow and will arrive in Moscow on Saturday morning at 0908 local time. I may not get a chance to do an update from the train so the next update will probably be Monday!

Yet another pre-trip update

April 23rd, 2003 , 18:41

Yet another pre-trip update. We went out at the weekend to do a bit of trip shopping. It was mainly to get the rucksack mended; the zip is busted and we’ve taken it in to see if it can be repaired. Good news is that it may still be under warranty but the bad news is it probably won’t be ready before we leave.

The other bit we went out to buy, a digital camera, we did not get. We walked into PC World all ready to spend the money and get the Kodak camera that they had on special offer; however, the person behind the camera counter walked away without even looking at us. We had time to stand there and discuss why we were getting the camera, how we would use it, what cameras we would take on the trip, how we would upload the photos, not to mention walk around the shop to find the other bits and pieces we would need. We then stood there and discussed why we wouldn’t need the camera. In all this time several PC World sales people walked by us. But they gave us enough time to decide that we really didn’t need a digital camera right now. So no photos til we get back!

We are of course watching the information on SARS quite closely. We haven’t changed plans yet, but are keeping in touch with whether or not we can go from China to Japan and are ready to fly out of Mongolia if we have to. Be a shame to miss China though.

What we’re actually doing ?

April 12th, 2003 , 13:05

I just realised that although I’ve been posting test messages I haven’t actually given any idea of what we’re actually doing! So here it is: (by the way, the trip is still quite flexible)

We leave on 1 May early in the morning as our train leaves Waterloo at 8.30am. We’re taking the train to Brussels, then Koln, then Moscow. We arrive in Moscow on 3 May.

Staying in Moscow for a couple of days and will be spending one day in the Greenpeace office there. We leave on 5 May to go to Irkutsk and will arrive there 4 days later! We’ll spend a couple of days there (this is where it gets flexible) and will then go to Ulan Baator for a couple of days. From Ulan Baator we’ll go to Beijing.

We’re in China for about a week and are planning to see as much as possible. Hope to get over to see the Terracotta Warriors. We’re planning on getting to Shanghai by 25 May as our ferry leaves on 27 May. We go by ferry to Osaka and will arrive in Osaka on 29 May.

We’ll spend about 2 weeks in Japan (Joe is planning that bit). We fly back from Tokyo on 15 June arriving back in the UK in the afternoon.

And yes, we are quite excited by the trip!

Right, that didn’t work for whatever reason. So you’re

Joe didn’t like the original title

April 11th, 2003 , 18:01

Right, Joe didn’t like the original title (it was boring) so we’ve changed that and the description. Much more snazzy. Now we’re going to try to set this up on our own webpages rather than leaving it on Blogger. That way if blogger gets overloaded people can still see our information!
Nearly ready . . .

All the visas are done

April 9th, 2003 , 20:04

Got it all sorted now! All the visas are done, all the tickets have been sorted, and we have two people to stay in the house while we’re away. So we’re all set and ready to go.