First day

November 30th, 2005 , 22:26

Hi all! We are here. Arrived yesterday afternoon – over an hour late but we arrived.

The flight was long – very long. During most of the flight had no idea what time it was or even what day it was. Knew where we were, could see that on the flight information, but time? So we sat and ate and watched films and ate and dozed and played games and sat and sat and sat.

I have now officially been to Australia! Hooray. OK, two hours (more or less) in Melbourne airport. Still that’s Australia.

We went out for our first meal in NZ and had . . . Japanese. Yep. Little place near the hotel which was wonderful.

Joe’s bit: After a long flight changing in Dubai and Melbourne; yes Kathleen can now not complain that she’s never been to Australia. We arrived in Auckland. Got a shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel. Pretty days and we’re not feeling too bad. Checked in, quick shower and change after over 24 hours in the same clothes. We then wandered around the block and had some nice food and then back to the hotel and crashed out about 7:00!

This morning’s report: Got up and did the boring getting ready for the day (and Joe will insist on breakfast). Then off to the Sky Tower which is nifty. There’s a glass floor in the lift so you can watch the floor disappear way way way below you. We went right up to the Sky deck and took loads of photos. We are lucky – the weather is sunny and blue sky, barely a cloud to be seen, and even sort of warm. Then made reservations for the restaurant tonight – we’ll go up and watch the sun set then have a nice meal while watching Auckland spin slowly below us. Now we’re off to the harbour area.

Last post before we leave

November 27th, 2005 , 19:06

We are packed and ready – off tomorrow evening. Joe still claims not to know where we are going so hopefully still a surprise. Of course he’s pacing about driving me crazy. So it goes.

We managed to fit everything into our bags. With minimal sitting on the bag to close it! So clothes for the trip, including warm weather things, and all our dive kit including dry suits.

Will post when we arrive (if we can)! We now have a flickr account for photos so hopefully can just post links to photos. I’ll put the tag ‘joekath trip’ on each of our trip photos – hopefully this will make them easy to find.

Testing the dive kit

November 6th, 2005 , 21:41

So we’ve tested the posting and the ability to upload photos so now we’ve tested the dive kit. We’re starting to get ready which is tough as Joe doesn’t know where we’re going. And it’s hard to say, ‘well we need to get . . . ‘ without spoiling the surprise! So there we are.

Anyway, all the shopping is done (hooray) . And today we went diving – in the rain. Well, we did a 20 minute dive to test our kit and drysuits. And mine leaked. So we didn’t do the second dive to try out the camera underwater. Joe will do that in the pool. Or maybe we can get back to Horsea one Sunday. And it won’t be raining. Maybe. Hopefully. And I can get my drysuit fixed/replaced.

Did I mention it was raining? Quite hard? Pouring it down? And I was wet cause my drysuit leaked? So it goes.

Joe did use his camera on the surface – just didn’t get the chance to play with it underwater. So photos:
This is Horsea and some divers. Not us. We were on shore in the rain. Did I mention it poured it down on and off all day?

And once we got home we had to have the after dive drinks: