April 25th, 2007 , 20:43

And we are back on-line. Or so we hope.

The movers were my idea and it was a good one. Two guys and friends willing to help out meant all our stuff got to the new house very quickly. Best money spent! Now we just have to do the whole meal and beer thing to pay back the friends!

New house is great, though still has loads of boxes stacked about. But much nicer area, nicer condition, and just generally nicer.

New job is very good. I’ll be busy but it’s interesting work and varied which always helps. Still just getting settled and finding out what is going on.

Frog Blog

We have moved

April 10th, 2007 , 8:48

Operation house move has almost finished; five friends, two cars, one truck and two guys and five days. The phone number should stay the same (BT willing).

The parts of the seven year that did not move have been recycled :).

Quotes of the move:

“You should have seen that thing fly when we threw it into the bin.”

“owch that’s my back”

“Washing machines bleed blue blood”

Hiring the movers at £27.oo per half hour was the best thing ever, really good and knew what they were doing.

Hello world!

April 2nd, 2007 , 11:34

This is our new blog. To be continued when we have something to say or are on one of our trips. Probably next year the way this year is going!