Mud blog

June 25th, 2007 , 0:43

Didn’t do much yesterday. It was pouring down and I could hear the Jazz World stage from the tent (well, most of the time) so I just stayed in, read my paper and listened to the Jazz World stuff. After a while the rain stopped and Joe poked his head into the tent to see if we should do something. So we headed out and went for a wander though the mud. Rain and mud just make it difficult to get around and enjoy things. But we saw Trash City and the circus area and had a lovely dinner in the Juke Joint (Oliver’s chefs apparently).

Headed for the Jazz World stage early to hear John Fogerty; ended up listening to the end of the Guillemots set but weren’t very impressed. However, Fogerty was wonderful! Played for about an hour and a half, old and new tunes and we were all singing and dancing in the mud (except Joe who was sitting in his chair, with his whiskey, singing). Great time and of course the music was great. We then headed over to the Avalon stage for the Saw Doctors which were also very good. We got there a bit late (slogging through the mud) so ended up just putting our chairs up just outside the tent and listened.

Joe’s idea to bring the folding chairs was a brilliant one!

So Sunday. At least it stopped raining for a while yesterday, today, well not so much. It was pouring this morning so I read the rest of my paper while hoping it would stop. It didn’t. So I got into all the wet weather gear and headed out carrying my chair. It did manage to stop raining for a bit while I sorted breakfast (doughnuts and coffee), then set my chair up in Left Field with my breakfast. Then it started pouring down again. Luckily Left Field is covered so I sat there for the environment talks and Tony Benn’s talk. Wonderful with some very good comedians as well. Joe joined me during the comedians and just before Tony Benn’s talk. We laughed quite a bit and then headed out for a walk. Ran into Dan who was going to see Dame Shirley Bassey – I hadn’t wanted to go through the crowd on my own but joined Dan and his friends for the Pyramid stage. Had a great spot so stayed through to the end. Saw Dame Shirley (a wonderful showperson), Manic Street Preachers (good and loud), Kaiser Chiefs (loud), and finally THE WHO!! Yea! They were wonderful! The sun shined for Dame Shirley but then the rain set in again and it stayed and got cold, but despite being very cold and very wet we really enjoyed The Who and stayed through until they told us to leave. It was worth every drop of rain.

Frog Blog

Some pics from last Night

June 24th, 2007 , 18:36

Sunday Last Day

June 24th, 2007 , 9:09

So far all systems good. Had a walk round yesterday in the dry spots with kathleen, had some food, the watch a couple of bands.

Its rainning quite bad this morning so we just have to waight and see how the day developes.

Tango is back

June 23rd, 2007 , 15:25

Resulvied buy tacking one of the low power injectors of one AP witch was in a place easy-er to change, then using that at Tango.

all 5 are alive 🙂

Tango Down

June 23rd, 2007 , 13:58

Most of today tango has been down dew to a burn out poe injector, are only spare requires us changing jumpers on the mother board witch requires a ladder. The cafe is very full cause of the rain, so its taking its time to do it. Most of the other stuff is working, all thoe is getting slow due to some, large data transfer.

It’s raining let there be mud

June 22nd, 2007 , 19:36

very heav

We’ve had very heavy rain witch has turned the green field of Glastonbury, in to river and rivers of mud. Cafe tango had a new water feature in it (witch did take out the AP for a while), but other than that we have had a stead stream of uses in the wifi cafe. Are back stage link is up and running and in us. We have the full affect going for over three hours 5 nodes four field, 48 different macs on the private side, over the past 24 hours.

Third Time Lucky

June 22nd, 2007 , 19:08

I’ve spent the day wandering around the site and think I’ve probably walked around it twice. It’s a big site. And it was pouring it down off and on throughout the day. So I’d walk for a bit then duck inside a tent while it rained. So this morning I watched jugglers in the circus field tent, Big Beat in the Cabaret tent (drums from various bits and pieces and really good music), then some interesting poetry, then I just walked and looked at things. Ended up down at the John Peel stage in time for a Finnish metal band – very loud. Then the cinema field where I saw most of An Inconvenient Truth. And finally to the Avalon stage where I was waiting for the one act I’ve been trying to see since 2004. First though there was a very good boogie band and that was fun.

So in 2004 Joe and I had headed to a stage advertising Chumbawamba acoustic, but no one seemed to know what was going on and they never came on. So a few months later I saw a concert of theirs advertised, but then couldn’t get tickets. So this year, at the Avalon Stage today was Chumbawamba acoustic and third time lucky – I was there, Joe was there, Olly was there, and Chumbawamba was there. Playing old and new folk and protest music. Hooray! And they were wonderful.

In all a very good day indeed.

Frog Blog

I’m Here!

June 22nd, 2007 , 9:22

At Glastonbury at last. Finished work at 4 yesterday and headed for the train. Went much better than I expected so I was put on the 4.30 train. That stopped in Reading and the managers were saying ‘if you are going to Castle Cary and standing you must get off this train’; that would have meant a yet another change at another station. So I slunk away from the door and on into the train where a nice man, who had been standing by me at the door, jumped up and said there was a seat next to him. That was lucky as later there were signal failures (good ol’ railway in Britain) so that train was quite late in.

Having said that, once at Castle Cary everything went easily – no queue for the bus, for the entrance, everything was just walk on. So once on the site got ready to find the Greenpeace field only to find Joe had come down to meet me. So off to the tent (it’s a long walk from the entrance gate to the Greenpeace field). Saw ActionAid people and Greenpeace people, had dinner and a very short stroll, sat by the fire, then sat in the big wooden seats in the garden trying to keep the idiots from pissing on the tents. What is it about people that they will by pass a loo to wee against a wall?

Up far too early this morning and am getting ready for a stroll around. First thing I really want to see is this evening. Otherwise I’m just going to wander around and see what there is to see! The fun of Glastonbury.

Frog Blog

To days the day, it actually opens, line was very slow this morning so we took the classic option reset the switch then reset the router.

Yesterday was very busy and very stressful, hope to day is quiter. It rain most of last night so a wet and muddy field but if thats it it will dry out by afternoon.

Blog from cafe Tango

June 21st, 2007 , 16:02

chiled music to blog to all most there 🙂

:0 :0 :0 🙂