The end of summer

September 24th, 2007 , 7:55

Over the weekend i hung the tent out to dry before putting it away,washed the windows in the sun light and went to pick blackberry’s on Sunday. This as i sit and watch the rain poor down on a Monday morning can only mean one thing.

The End of Summer 🙁

But the begining of a new season of copper coulor leaves, crisp Mornings, the sounds of the geese flying.

The start of Autoum 🙂

Being Busy

September 20th, 2007 , 9:25

Long time no posts but that’s because we’ve been busy. Work and life in general but nothing worth blogging about.

I have however done my 5km event and ended up walking it due to sore joints. Hope this doesn’t mean I’m getting all old and unable to do stuff because of bad joints. It was a complete opposite of last year – I was at the very back this year and didn’t wear a watch so didn’t time myself and only ran a very small bit of the course (about the last kilometre). So no idea how long it took so just going for the average walking time of 45 minutes. It was like Oxford Street on a Saturday in December only with everyone going the same direction.

 My sponsorship page should be up for another month.

Next week going to see St Joan at the National Theatre. Hopefully have more to blog about!

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