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October 13th, 2007 , 13:39

Viva le France

October 12th, 2007 , 18:58

Which is probably spelled wrong but so it goes. We had a long weekend in Paris. Not doing much but seeing the sight, taking in the late autumn sun and enjoying the food, beer (Kathleen: wine), and just generally chilling out.

After checking in and a leisurely lunch which amazing ended up with Kathleen having creme brulee for pudding (cause Joe ordered it) we went to the late evening opening of the Louvre. Went to see the Mona Lisa, then just strolled around being amazed by all the works of art. Well, Kathleen was amazed, Joe just went umhm every now and again.

Next day we did the main sights: Arc de Tromphe, Trocodero, Eiffel Tower, and a walk down the Seine. Stopped off and had a wonderful lunch in probably the only non-smoking restaurant in Paris, before wandering through the hell that was Paris’s main shopping area on a Saturday afternoon. Kathleen leading the way and just happened to find Cartier (Joe wouldn’t let me go in). We went into one of the main department stores and Kathleen managed to find the French Rugby Team 2008 Calendar. Lots of balls.

Went back to the hotel for a bit of rest before heading out for dinner and the France vs. New Zealand match. Found a neat little place that had a large screen TV behind the bar and finished dinner before the match started. A very good match; however, the French team wore clothes. Wandered back to the hotel to the strains of La Marseillaise and the occasional Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Not much sleep that night.

Sunday had the hotel guests from hell during breakfast – worst of the British or ‘how not to be a British tourist in Paris’. Loud and rude and yelling at the staff. However, we got extra coffee while they got ignored. We wandered up to Montmartre where we had a look at the artists and their works. We purchased a rather tacky Christmas ornament. After which we had lunch and then got our bags and headed home.

Next month Eurostar leaves from St Pancras so much easier to get to from work. It may be time to start thinking about having dinner in Paris when we can’t be bothered to cook!

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