The Last Day of 2007

December 31st, 2007 , 19:35

Well it’s the last day of 2007 and I cannot say I will be sad to see it go.

It has not been a good year, we have lost far too many good friends, family and work mates this year so we will be raising our glass to toast those not with us as the year passes by. So much has gone wrong and troubles too many to mention. So to all I hope the next 12 months sees gladness replace the sadness, joy replace the pain and good fortune replace the downs of two thousand and seven.

So bring in the new and sod off the old.

2007 you are the weakest link and p.s. you’re fired.

Happy Christmas!

December 25th, 2007 , 21:44

Ok, what sort of sad person blogs on Christmas day? Joe, that’s who. So here I am, wanting to play with my brand new, just opened this morning DS and instead I’m updating the blog.

Up early, breakfast (why?), open presents (yea!), then start lunch. Lots and lots and lots and lots of lunch. Venison and every veg we can fit on/in the stove. After stuffing ourselves silly we play with our new toys and then watch Dr Who.

So have a very Merry Christmas and thanks for all the cards and gifts and messages! All best wishes for the new year!

Frog Blog

It’s December already

December 3rd, 2007 , 9:48

What happened to November? It seemed to pass away quietly with not much fuss and not a lot to blog about. The only thing that comes to mind is the Sparrowhawk insurgent; one minute fluffy spudgies next minute lunch. It liked it so much it came again the same day.

Funny, I’ve not seen many birds lately I wonder if it is related. 🙂

So the solstice is coming, so work is under way for the main feast. It will probably be a normal staple of venison and game (I wonder what sparrow tastes like, I can already see those disapproving looks 🙂 ). Plus the veggies.

Which I do eat despite popular belief. I suppose the one thing you will not find on the menu is turkey, which I always find funny coming from the area that’s got the biggest reputation for it.

Are well back to the recipe books to finish off the ideas, and the obligatory christmas drink 🙂