Near the End Fosdem 08

February 24th, 2008 , 17:02

Well we got about 15 min before the last main speach then we start looking at packing up.

Abart from pepole unpluging stuff it prity much went well.

so problaly the last entry for this years event.


February 24th, 2008 , 14:11

Well later start and all ok had somee problems with power. but sorted

alls well some good talks now wating form the end and the madnesss of take down.

FOSDEM Day 2 start

February 23rd, 2008 , 10:11

Ok After a 6 am start we have all AP running and are now sitting in janson waiting for the main speach. Log on via the janson ap


February 22nd, 2008 , 20:55

Well ts Fosdem 08 and we here again helping set up stuff mostly wireless. The pysical has gon better this year with exprance from last year and some nifty new bracits.

But as all ways some things go slower we lost the configs of last year due to crash bangs and wolips 🙂 .

Plus they are holding a concert in the janso main hall so it looks like we can not get in ther to set up to night. So we waight for a new config and do some more cabling.

Thats all for now arart from possible some picutes

New Toy (OLPC XO)

February 15th, 2008 , 8:51

So played with the green machine witch looks like it will be called George as its two cute, note i resisted the erge to go tooooooo, but it is.

Had some trouble inishaly  getting it on to a wpa2 net work looks like it ones the pass key in hex not askii. bug ? well their is part of the wpa supplicatin o by the way is basically fc7 so once you get to the termanul passed the suget interface is yum install there are a few difference but not many so as i was saying part od wpa suplicat is wpa_passphrase give it you essid and pass phrase it gives out the hex copy and passed that in to the dialog box and you on.

after that i did an update to build 656 witch may help ?

but it seans to remember the key so now i turn on and log in.

its green its cute is an XO 🙂


February 9th, 2008 , 14:19

Went to the Destinations show in London and walked around dreaming about travel. Picked up far too many brochures; no way we’ll do everything we picked up but it’s fun to dream.

So plans for the moment include a long weekend in Florence (Kathleen thrilled and Joe bored), Caribbean for a conference (Kathleen working, Joe playing), possibly Copenhagen, and the chance for a cruise around northern Norway.  And someday off to Antarctica so Joe can photograph penguins.

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