Lighting up A dark Winters Night

January 26th, 2009 , 10:10

So It the U.K. is Winter its dark what do you do? Well these happen to be ideal conditions to mess around with Light. In a camera and L.E.D. (light emitting diode) way. So the London flickr group met up any painted the town red, well not actual red we did try but had no good results although others did. So I mainly painted in white, as i forgot to bring the green L.E.D with me. We also had a poi which had lights in brought along.


These are some of the better results.

From a photographic point of view I found setting exposer times of around 30 seconds allowed you to draw most things. I did some test to get the background exposed right first, altering  the aperture till 30 seconds gave the designed back ground. Then start the shutter no need even for a time delay just walk in front and draw.

The advantage of the digital was clear as you could instaly see the results and try again.

The night was very could and after about two hours, the hands were ice blocks so every one retiaued to the pub 🙂