Nearly the weekend

September 18th, 2009 , 21:08

Back home, back to work, but nearly the weekend.

The weirdest thing about our trip home – we had to change trains in Lille; however, when our train came in it was the Disneyland train! How annoying. We were also surrounded by the family from hell, but made it home and straight to bed.

Joe now has nasty cold but we soon have the weekend and can sleep!

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Last day

September 16th, 2009 , 21:05

Slept in again (we are on holiday) but up early enough to have breakfast at the hotel. We were at the end of the breakfast rush and it was a zoo. Not a lot left after the hordes had cleared it out for their lunches! But we had coffee and a croissant and then off to see where we could leave our bags and Joe to get some last photos. Went to the front and discovered Minnie Mouse dancing to La Bomba! So Joe got some photos of that and left me to wait to ask about the bags. Opted for the Disney Express to get the bag to the train station and we were off to the park.

Really didn’t do much today – almost no rides. Just walked about and got photos. Got a couple of the rides we’d missed the other days and caught some of the singing and music. Caught an African drummning act and had a coffee – took Joe nearly half an hour to get the coffee so he saw the beginning and the end of the drumming. The reason it took so long? Because there were two groups in front of him (only a couple of families, not large groups) that decided to be difficult. Oh well. We also poked out those areas we’d somehow missed. Got to see a kid get *very* excited about seeing Woody and another burst into tears of excitement when Minnie’s train went by!

We also had a lovely three course lunch at Walt’s restaurant which was very good. From there we could also watch Main Street and the people. We also managed to catch the parade before dashing off to the train station and heading home. On the train to Lille now.

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Roll it, Rip it, Punch it!

September 15th, 2009 , 21:04

Slept in and once up went to the spend the morning in the Disney Studio Park. Had a coffee while we waited for the park to open then, once in, headed for Crush’s Coaster. The queue is nifty – good ol’ Australian Harbour and the coaster cars are turtle shells. It’s a ride on the East Australian Current, dude, and the shell turns as you ride. Great fun!

We then did the Armageddon special effects show – not that interesting – then off for very early lunch. Walked out of the diner and straight into the Moteurs: Action Stunt Show Spectacular which was marvy. Loads of car and motorbike stunts very well done. Then off to try the East Australian Current again because it was so much fun the first time! We also just walked around and got loads of photos as well as saw the ‘Stars in Cars’ parade. Just a general good time.

We’d pretty much done the park by about 3ish so we headed over the Disney Park. Joe had several photos he wanted to get. We headed to the ice cream parlour on Main Street and as we came out with our cones the Minnie’s Train with friends with just going by. So we stopped and watched. We just kept getting the parades and shows today! We wandered around the castle and saw the sleeping dragon and caught Mickey’s big party dance. Rode a few more rides and clambered around Adventure Island getting lost in the caves. And, last thing, rode Space Mountain just to make sure they hadn’t changed anything since yesterday.

Then off to Billy Bob’s for a drink and to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner.

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Go to France to see the US

September 14th, 2009 , 21:02

Actually Joe has been saying that since we got here. First view of the adobe hotel – gee I came to France to see the western US? Eat at the NY sandwich shop – come to France to eat at a NY deli? (It was actually more French than New York but there you are.) Go to Billy Bobs – come to France for a country western bar? So I pointed out that the first time we went to the US we went to the Epcot Centre in Florida and went to the World thingy and saw France. And England. He’s still saying it, but a bit quieter now.

Up far too early for a holiday and off to breakfast. Not the greatest breakfast in the world but the funny bit was all the people coming to their table with heaps of break on their trays. They then wrapped these up and shoved them into various bags. Getting their sandwiches for lunch!

We could get into the park early – 2 hours before it opened – and a few rides were open. So we headed off and got there just as we could get in (8am) and headed for Space Mountain. No queue at all and we were off. Great way to wake up in the morning! So good we did it again. And got in several other rides before the masses turned up. Actually, the park was just about ok – about the longest wait time was 35 minutes and it wasn’t that bad. We roamed through the park, stopping to ride various rides, peeking into various things, and generally having a good time. Many of the rides are quite different from the parks in the US (Pirates of the Caribbean is much darker, with several sections of sudden drops!) so it was interesting and we filled the day.

Highlights of the morning: waking up to Space Mountain, riding the carousel, playing on the Dumbo ride, getting in all the popular rides before the park was open, finding out that some rides didn’t open until 11 or 12, riding way too many rollercoasters (according to Joe), finding the dragon under the castle, and lunch. Quote of the morning ‘we’ll do this one more ride then go get something to eat’ which was said before every single ride. For about 3 hours. Started as a suggestion of tea/coffee and biscuit and by the time we got round to it, it was lunch. So we started looking for lunch and decided, as we’d been thinking about it for a while, we’d treat ourselves and went to the Blue Lagoon restaurant, which is in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! The first part of the ride, as you turn from the loading area, runs right by the seating for the restaurant! We had a lovely seat and could watch the boats go by, but that also meant we got a lot of camera flash! Still the food was wonderful and very filling.

So, feeling very very full from lunch, we went and rode the Pirates of the Caribbean again (we’d ridden before lunch and thought we’d like to try the food!) Highlights from the afternoon – the Star Wars ride, touring the Nautilus (very well done), taking the train around the park and timing it to perfection – it started to rain while we were on the train and stopped when we got off, the Alice in Wonderland labyrinth which is great fun, It’s a Small World (this may have been a low point), Joe driving around Autopia, seeing old Mickey Mouse cartoons, and generally wandering around and poking into things!

Funniest moment of the day – Joe said we had to ride the Indiana Jones ride. He says we rode it in Japan and hadn’t a clue what was going on, so if we rode it in France we might figure it out. So when it opened we went to get in the queue. Well, first thing a parent decided he didn’t want to take his camera, so he pushed his way back out of the queue to leave his camera and left his boy to hold the place in the queue. He was gone for long enough that the boy was getting worried, then here comes dad pushing his way back into the queue. We got a bit further along and Joe is looking at the nifty Aztec/Mayan arch just ahead of us, when -whoosh- goes a couple of carriages up and over the loop following the line of the arch. I turned to Joe to say ‘nifty’ just to see him standing there with wide open eyes and mouth. Then here comes dad and boy pushing their way back out of the queue – I thought Joe was going to follow them! Instead he just said ‘no one said it did that!’ So I pointed to the sign where it said ‘inversion’ and reminded him it was his idea. We rode it and had a good time. Well I did.

At the end of the day we headed out and had a snack at the sports bar – not very good but ok, and not nearly enough screens for watching the games – then walking back to the hotel. Ready for some sleep to start again tomorrow! Wake up to Space Mountain!

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Sunday – Rock n Roll

September 13th, 2009 , 20:57

Goals for the day: get to EuroDisney, get checked in, have lunch, ride the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster (as it would be closed the rest of the week). So we’re up early, too early for a Sunday, and head out to the station. Get the train, change at Lille (interesting as we waited and waited and no train info, finally get told 5 minutes late, 10 minutes late get on the train and sit. And sit some more. Train finally left 23 minutes late. Not helped by small child singing the same two word phrase over and over and over and over and over – for over an hour the same two words sung. There will be days of this.) Finally get to EuroDisney. Goal one accomplished.

Find the shuttle to the hotel, get on it, crammed in with the thousands. Are very surprised when we turn into the hotel as it was very close to the park. Manage to get to the front of check-in queue despite being nearly the last off the shuttle – we didn’t have several large bags which we couldn’t carry, several children wanting to run off in several directions, or pushchairs we couldn’t lift or push! Get checked in, get all the information, park tickets, and get settled into the room. Goal two, accomplished.

Hotel is interesting – it’s more like several hotels all in a complex and, as it’s the Santa Fe Hotel, it’s all fake adobe! We knew we’d arrived at the hotel – on the roof of the front building is a huge Clint Eastwood billboard.

Once sorted, discuss how to get to the park. Decide that, as we’ve been sitting on a train for hours and the shuttle bus was packed, we will walk and we head out to walk the way the shuttle bus came in. However, along the way Joe spots a sign which seems to indicate we can go along a path at the back of the hotel. Hmmm, interesting. So we go check that out and discover a lovely footpath that leads to Disney Village and from there the parks. The footpath runs along the ‘Rio Grande’ which is the apparently man made river running between the Santa Fe and the Cheyenne Hotels. Cheyenne is all wild west wooden buildings and it was interesting seeing it. So we discover we’re a 20 minute walk to the parks – way better than the shuttle!

Get to Disney Village and see a sandwich shop so stop and get sandwiches and drinks. Beer for Joe even. Have lunch and goal three is accomplished.

Head into the Disney Studio Park and head straight for the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, but get held up by a parade. So watch the tail end of the parade and when that passes dash onwards. Get to the rollercoaster and are looking for the entry and how long the wait is (35 minutes) when someone stopped Joe, shoved something in his hands, waved, and dashed off. Joe looked down and we had two fast track tickets to the coaster for right then! Look at each other, shout ‘thank you’ at departing bloke and child, and head for the fast track lane which was then a quick walk to the ride! We were on the ride in minutes and it was wonderful. Great fun and I want to do it again! Goal four and final goal accomplished!

So we had the rest of the afternoon and walked around the studios park, seeing the layout and riding the rides. We managed just about everything but the Finding Nemo ride, then headed back out in search of dinner. Went to Billy Bobs Saloon and had ribs and chicken which was very good. Also had a couple of drinks. Joe has decided that Disney is much better after a couple of beers! When we left it was getting dark so Joe suggested going to see the park all lit up.

Got to the Disney Park and headed in to get photos of the castle. Ended up in Discovery land with the steampunk decor and saw the wait for Space Mountain was 10 minutes. So Joe said ‘let’s go!’ His goal – the brief view of the park as you are shot up and out on the first hill. Less than 10 minutes later we’re flying through Space Mountain having a wonderful time. Once we came off that the park was closed so we headed back to the hotel for some sleep. Up early the following morning!

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