June 4th, 2015 , 1:30

Well, we did more today than I thought we’d be doing! After going and wishing the birthday person a very happy 100th birthday (and she was looking spry for 100) we headed out toward Lexington and Four Roses brewery. Joe picked it because the buildings looked interesting and because we were told the whiskey was much better now. My idea of Four Roses bourbon was a nasty harsh cheap rotgut. But we were assured that they had started brewing much better bourbon and we should give it a try. So off we went. Got there a bit after the noon tour started, but they let us join that tour. It was very interesting. We got history, how the bourbon is made, and then a walk around the grounds and then into the distillery. Got to see and taste the mash and then a tasting session at the end. And everyone was correct, the bourbon is much much nicer now and the single barrel is lovely. Hope we can get it at home!

We then had lunch and pottered back to Richmond. Another visit for the birthday and photos, then off for dinner at Hangers. We made the mistake of getting a starter as well as our main course and we finally managed to leave very very full! Now just relaxing before shopping and maybe another distillery tour tomorrow.

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