July 8th, 2017 , 3:24

Up early and only partly because of the crying baby in the next room. Meet friend in lobby at 7 and headed into Calgary for our parking. Once parked we collected a bagged breakfast and headed for the buses which were taking us to the parade seating. So Joe got to ride in a yellow school bus! Though they are much nicer than I remember them being!

We were quite early, about 45 minutes before the parade was due to start, but there were people already coming along and performing.  Sort of a pre-parade. The parade was fun, but very long. We did get to see Nenshi on a horse – the reason he ran for mayor!  Also lots of horses in the parade. Oh and British tanks! Doing doughnuts in the road. They were closely followed by a much larger Canadian tank which also had to do a doughnut even though it almost didn’t fit across the road! Also lots of tartzn and drum and pipe bands.

At the end of the parade we dashed back to the buses for the ride to the stampede grounds. The queue to get in was long but moved quickly. We had a wander around the site before heading to the grandstand and our seats for the rodeo. As its the first day we got all the welcoming stuff – including a dance by the treaty 7 tribes and a flyby. Then the rodeo which ended up being fun and interesting. 

After the rodeo we got some food and had another look around before heading out to find a shuttle back to the parking lot and the car. Drinks and relaxation in the room!

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