Sorting day

July 9th, 2017 , 6:10

So were thinking of what to do when we discovered the laptop didn’t charge. So Joe did troubleshooting and figured out it was the plug. So off we went to find a new cable and nope, couldn’t find it. So our friend offered a cable and we can get charged again. But today ended up being a bit of running about and sorting things, including boring stuff like laundry! So generally a sorting and resting sort of day. But there are now photos up! I’m hoping to get some sorting done a bit later or at least get them into an album! 

We also had a wonderful dinner at our friend’s house and a wander around the neighbourhood. So a lovely sort of day.

Now the rodeo yesterday – now that I don’t have to peck at a tablet! Opening day had all the ceremony and dances and welcome. Then the rodeo. The announcers were good at telling you what you were watching and what made a good ride or a bad one and how the scoring was done. However, their entertainment bits, well, the 70s called and they want their ‘jokes’ back. 

But the events were interesting. Started with the novice saddle and bareback broncos. Then the tie down, which was really interesting – though it took me every rider to figure it all out as it was over in seconds. One calf won the event – the rider through the lasso and missed and the calf was off to the exit gate as fast as it’s little legs could move. Yay Calf! Every event is over in seconds! We then got bareback champions and steer wrestling. And one of the steers won – the guy grabbed and the steer just wiggled and ran on. Interval was the Calgary Stampede marching band which were fun. Good musicians, though I’m not sure about the dancers, gun twirlers, and flag wavers. Then we had saddle bronco followed by the only event women did – barrel racing. Not sure why women can only do that, but there you are. The final event was bull riding which was rather exciting. They then have an event where a team of three kids try to hang onto a pony, get one of the kids on it to ride. Most of the kids ended up being dragged across the arena face down. At the end the winners came up for the presentation of the bronzes. We had great seats right where we could see everything. And Joe got some great photos!

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