July 10th, 2017 , 5:53

Well Canadian wildlife is hiding from me! 

Last night we watched the Stampede fireworks from our hotel room. Our friend mentioned that we should be able to see them, so we stood at the window and watched and sure enough – a really good view. They are a ways off, but clear enough. We’ll probably watch again tonight and, of course, tomorrow night we’ll be there to see them!

So we were up late last night with the fireworks and decided to have a slow start to the day. Things conspired against that – noise in the hotel (we’re not sure who was collecting the room service trays early this morning, but we suspect a Greek plate smashing team or similar) and at around 8am a jet flew low over the hotel. I asked Joe if he was awake and wanted to get up and he said ‘no!’ rolled over and started to snore. So. 

We did get up eventually and had breakfast and got ready to head to the local park – Weaselhead. We went hoping to see some local wildlife as there are often deer or elk there. We’ve also heard that bears hang out there. But did we see any of that? Nope. Also heard a lovely bird song but never found that bird. We did see sparrows, finches, cedar waxwings, and chickadees. So not a total washout. But still no snowshoe hares even though they are apparently very common and found in everyone’s garden. But did see the black squirrels. 

We saw and heard a thunderstorm moving in so headed back up toward the car. The thunderstorm passed us by, but we decided to head out and get something to eat – Joe was hungry. When we got in the car though we suddenly remembered we wanted to go see Big Rock. So off we headed for Okotoks and the rock. In Okotoks Joe said he was still hungry and there is a bar and grill! So we pull into this strip mall and In Cahoots Bar and Grill. We only wanted a small snack as we were going back to our friends house for dinner again, so ordered the sharing platter. When it came out it was huge! And very very good. So we had a good ‘snack’ and headed out to the rock.

The big rock is, surprisingly enough, a very big rock. But really interesting to see. The area is also nice and it was nice to do the walk. So we had fun walking around. Then back to Calgary and shower and off to dinner. We’ve had another lovely dinner and are now waiting for the fireworks again!

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