Snow Hiking

July 12th, 2017 , 19:52

Had a huge breakfast at the lodge then headed off for Mount Revelstoke and the Meadows in the Sky parkway. We got caught just out of the lodge by roadworks and had to sit for about half hour while charges were detonated. Not sure if they’re widening the road or simply clearing off some of the rock face to avoid rock falls and avalanches. There were signs about avalanche clearing, but that seemed to be higher on the mountains.

We found the turn off for the Meadows in the Sky Parkway (looks like you can only get on it when going south) and were stopped by our first park ticket barrier. We had our parks pass (ordered back in December as they were doing a ‘get a free park pass to celebrate 150 years of Canada’) and this was the first time we actually got to use it! I’d had it on the rear-view mirror in case, as you’re supposed to have one if you park. We wound our way to the top, stopping at some of the pull offs (there were a couple closed). When we reached the parking area at the top, it was rather crowded but we found a place to park and then walked up the shuttle road to the summit. Nice walk, though there was snow! We had been warned before we headed up that there weren’t many flowers out, just the glacier lily, but there were other flowers starting to bloom. It was all lovely, but apparently the best time to see the flowers is in August.

At the top we went along the First Footsteps walk which was lovely. However, we were wearing our hiking sandals. And parts of the trail were still covered in snow. Cold snow. So was walking along and then had to slide our way over the snow. Did I mention we were in sandals? Cause yeah, that. After that we headed over to towards the fire tower and stopped for the views. Didn’t go all the way up to the fire tower as there was snow. We then headed back down to the car along the path rather than the road. Only to find more snow. But it was a very pretty walk.

We then headed into Revelstoke to get petrol – there is nothing between Golden and Revelstoke – about 150km and we were staying a little over halfway between, the lodge is closer to Golden. This is also why we were eating at the lodge – it was that or about an hour’s drive either way, perhaps more due to construction. So we gave ourselves the same amount of time it took to get to Revelstoke to get back to the lodge. Only we didn’t get caught in any of the construction and got in a bit quicker.

Another lovely dinner – no starter so I’d have room for pudding! Then waited for bunnies. Joe checked out the door and said bunny! So I went to have a look and there it was, munching the clover outside our room. Joe got several photos.

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