Vancouver and Home

July 15th, 2017 , 10:06

So up earlish again, though we should have only had a two hour drive to Vancouver. But you never know, and sure enough we stopped on Hwy 1. Everyone just parked and were saying there was a four car pileup ahead. We managed to work out another route coming off the exit we were stopped at, so I squiggled off the highway, onto the ramp, and we went the back route. Slightly slower, but a nicer drive through farmland. Traffic picked up closer to Vancouver but wasn’t too bad and we actually dropped the car off on time despite the delays and detour!

Shuttle to the airport where we had a lunch/brunch as we were too early to drop off our bags! Finally got the bags dropped off and through security. The flight wasn’t bad and landed nearly an hour early. Now to recover from jet lag . . .

Did find out through a search that there were two accidents on Hwy 1 and the road was closed until 7pm! So good squiggle off.

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