Dyslexic Discourse

Stuff that’s not a trip basically, Normal every day stuff, some useful some not. Will probably end up with lots of technical stuff course that’s what i do allegedly.

Why the title because in dyslexic and ever this the best will in the world an electronic spell checker and a grate partner my post are going to end up with weird stuff in them.

I long ago came to a conclusion I can spend hours on the spelling, but what this does it kills the through process and any hope of spontaneity, and thus in my option most of the interest in any thing I wright.

So i will use the inbuilt spell checker but these dear reader have there limitations a correctly spelt word in a wrong place they can not doe, I Will try to re-read and proof read, but that can only doe so much, so a few tips.

If you find a word you don’t understand first Google you never know it may be real, second spell it out phonetically what it sound like is probably what it is (P’s remove 90% of the r in any given word according to my partner that’s accent).

Finaly ask.

So there you go now you know.